Lela Lee started acting in college while she was double majoring in Drama and Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. However, she ultimately graduated with her B.A. in Rhetoric. Upon graduating, she immediately got work as an actress landing starring ensemble roles in two ground-breaking Asian American independent films “Yellow” and “Shopping for Fangs.” She went on to work on shows such as “Relativity,” “Felicity,” “Friends,” “What I Like About You,” “Charmed,” “Will & Grace,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” among others. She recurred on “Scrubs,” as surgical intern Bonnie  and was series regular Jodi Chang on the SyFy series “Tremors.” During this time, she was also working on her own projects. She was always drawing Angry Little Asian Girl, though it was kept hidden in a drawer during college. Also during college, she made video shorts and wrote scripts, plays and short stories. To her surprise, the project that took off the most, was the one she had kept hidden from view. She only took ALAG out of the drawer when she happened to watch a VHS copy of South Park’s “Spirit of Christmas.” Inspired by the similarities, Lela decided to submit her “Angry Little Asian Girl, 5 Angry Episodes” to Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. To her surprise, it was accepted. Also during this time Lela was a volunteer photographer for the American Cinematque. The programmer took an interest in her and asked to see “Angry Little Asian Girl.” The programmer screened it before a feature film and the critics of the LA Times and the LA Weekly and the audience loved ALAG immediately. After the screening, people came up to her to tell her ALAG said what they had wanted to say their whole lives. Some people even said ALAG was their inner child. That night, Lela had the crazy idea to make t-shirts with the Angry Little Asian Girl on it. With a credit card, she made a batch of 300 shirts and sold them from the trunk of her car and the one-bedroom apartment that she shared with her sister. Business was brisk, so in 1998, with a small loan from her sister, Lela bought a computer, scanner, drafting table, hired a trademark firm, produced more shirts and launched a website. She sold the shirts online, shipping to cities all over America. She began posting her comics weekly online, building a story and a following. She eventually started licensing her artwork to a t-shirt company and a bag company. By 2007, Angry Little Girls (bags, tees, buttons, wallets, books, cards, etc.) was one of the most popular merchandise lines sold in chain stores and malls. (The Angry Little Asian Girl was the best-selling character). In 2005, her first “Angry Little Girls” book was published by Harry N. Abrams and went into its’ 4th printing in just 2 months. She published several more books, including 2 little books for Running Press. In 2011, she was finally syndicated by GoComics. And in 2012, Lela was nominated for a Harvey Award for the book “Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls,” her fourth book published by Harry N. Abrams. Lela is also a TV writer. She wrote all twelve episodes of the animated “Angry Little Asian Girl” series which had a short run on a cable network and can be seen on Youtube.  Lela and her husband have 2 awesome sons and a vengeful cat. In her spare time, she likes to bargain shop and read.